Sales of beer, wine and spirits experienced a slight decline in the four weeks ending April 20, according to the latest data from NIQ.

The monthly NIQ Total Till report found that BWS sales dropped by 0.2% during the four week period. 

Overall, supermarket sales across all categories remained in positive figures (+3.4%). However, growth has slowed since the four weeks ending March 20 where it stood at +5.4%.

Promotional items continue to see strong sales, with these products making up 25.3% of total sales, compared to 24% in March. 

Mike Watkins, NIQ’s UK head of retailer and business insight, expects promotional items to keep performing well as shoppers remain conscious of their spending.

“Even with lower food inflation and, for some households improving personal finances, shoppers still need to be persuaded to spend. Therefore we can expect promotional activity to continue to increase,” he said.

Looking ahead, however, Watkins predicts that shoppers may begin to loosen their purse strings as inflation slows.

“With 49% of households now feeling that they are more insulated from the pressure on their personal finances, there is a potential that this cohort will be the first to start to spend more freely in 2024.”