Rum continues to be cited as “the next big trend” for the UK spirits market and a raft of activity this month indicates producers are backing this theory.

More flavoured rums have hit the market, while Rhum Agricole producers are also expecting growth in the UK as interest in this French-style of rum gathers pace.

Nelson’s Distillery & School, which started in 2016, is introducing Nelson’s Signature Rum and Nelson’s Roasted Pineapple Rum.

The new rum is a blend of three rums from Barbados, The Dominican Republic and Jamaica; it is aged in oak barrels for three years before flavours such as the pineapple are added.

Neil Harrison, founder and master distiller, said: “We know that rum is the next big trend here in the UK, especially flavoured rum. As a forward-thinking proactive business, we wanted to ensure that our expansion not only incudes the development of our signature gin range, but also places us firmly at the forefront of this exciting new marketplace.”

Another flavoured rum to hit the scene this month is Hoxton Banana Rum from UK producer Hoxton Spirits. The rum is the first in a collection of spirits it plans to launch that will sit outside of the gin category. It is made from fresh and dried banana, which is then macerated for five weeks in hand-selected Caribbean rums.

Meanwhile Copalli Rum is heading over from Belize to tap into the growing popularity of French-style Rhum Agricole rums in the UK.

The premium, organic, single-estate rum has been distilled, barrelled, aged and bottled in the heart of the Belizean rainforest, according to producer, Copal Tree Distillery.

Two variants will be available in the UK via Masters of Malt: Copalli White Rum and Copalli Barrel Rested Rum, which is aged in American oak ex-bourbon barrels.

The White Rum (£33.50) is made from fresh sugar cane, which the producer said is crushed within two hours of being cut. The rum is made with a blend of pot and column distillation and with a long resting of the finished product on stainless steel.

The Barrel Rested Rum (rsp: £41.30) is made using double distillation of sugar cane juice, and exclusively full-bodied copper pot still distillation with French technique. The rum is described as being rich and sweet with cola and leather notes on the nose and tasting notes including cinnamon, nutmeg and tobacco.

The rums have already secured on-trade listings, including one with Laki Kane.

The bar’s creative director, Georgi Radev, said: “Copalli Rum is a truly organic rum made in the middle of the Belizean rainforest using fresh sugar cane juice and this really shows in the aroma and taste. When you open the bottle, the fresh cane aroma coming from it is just mesmerising.

“The taste is very delicate for Agricole rum, you taste the fresh sugar cane, with floral, fresh and fruity notes. This is absolutely perfect for a Daiquiri and a Mojito. It is amazing for fruity tropical drinks, but you can also use it in classy cocktails like a Negroni and Martini.”

Separately, Neptune Rum, which launched in the UK last year, has announced a series of appointments to form a new executive management team, in order to drive its growth strategy.

Gary Squire, who was previously sales director at Bacardi Martini, has joined as the company’s chief executive, while Lloyd White has joined as Director of Sales.

The Staffordshire-based Nelson’s Distillery & School has also expanded its team with two new account managers, to help grow UK sales for its spirits.