A handcrafted, super-premium cider from Canada is on its way to the UK.

Bulwark, which will be available in 33cl crown cork glass bottles priced at £4 each, is made from a signature blend of five North American apple varieties, produced using wine-making methods.

The apple variety blend of Golden Russets, Northern Spy, Cortland, McIntosh and Honey Crisp, is said to provide a balance of sweetness, acidity and tartness, with a resulting cider that is akin to a crisp and lightly-sparkling white wine.

One batch of juice is fermented at any one tie to ensure the signature blend represents the quality for which the brand is known, according to the producer, and it is this which sets Bulwark apart from other cider currently on the UK market.

Initially it will only be the 5.8% abv Bulwark Original – one of the producer’s four ciders under this brand name – that will be imported into the UK.

Co-founder, Germain Bergeron, said: “Our cider has been selling since 2011 but the tradition of making cider from the apple varietals and other fruits that grow nearby has a distinguished history dating back some 400 year. We are proud of our products and craftsmanship and given the UK consumers’ interest in cider, artisanal products and authentic food and drinks, we believe the time is right to launch a full juice cider fermented with 100% juice content with no sugar added as opposed to most other ciders sold in the UK that have only a 30% to 50% juice equivalent and even less for Swedish-made ciders. Our ethos is a true expression of what Canada is all about: clean, pure, high quality and natural. People in the UK are more aware than ever of Canada.”

The brand will be launched into the UK in March by Brand Central.

Paul Hinks, manager of Brand Central, said: “It is particularly exciting to be bringing a product to a new market that effectively pioneers a new category in the UK: that of super-premium cider. This product offers a taste, provenance and unique proposition that make this launch one to anticipate keenly.”