Budvar UK has produced its first promotional case for independents in a bid to give them a chance against the buying power of the multiple retailers.

The deal will offer 24 of its 33cl bottles for the price of 20 and will run throughout June.

A spokesman said: “Our first promotional box has been produced for cash and carries and wholesalers, who are key suppliers to the independent off and on-trades.”

Jon Whittle, Budvar UK’s off-trade director, said independent outlets weren’t able to enjoy the deals the brand negotiates with its bigger customers.

“In tough economic times this is our contribution to levelling the competitive playing field,” said Whittle.

He added the promotion was fully funded by Budvar “without any of the jiggery-pokery sometimes associated with deals of this kind”.

Budvar lost a listing with Sainsbury’s a couple of years ago as the Czech brand decided not to carry on with it due to “outrageous financial demands” from the supermarket.