Brutal Brewing, the Swedish brewers behind the popular craft brand, Pistonhead Lager, has launched a new core range for the UK market.

The craft brewer, which is already well-established in Sweden, is now ready to bring its best-selling brews to the UK market, to be distributed by Proof Drinks.

The range comprises six beers: A Ship Full of IPA (5.8% abv), which is the best-selling IPA in Sweden, according to the brewer; A Ship Full of IPA Non-Alcoholic; Tail of the Whale (4.8% abv), described as “a unique German wheat ale”; Cirrus Cloudy Lager (5.1% abv); an organic unfiltered cloudy pilsner lager; Hale to Nothing (4.5% abv), an organic and unique twist on the traditional English pale Ale’ and Session Pale Ale (3.5% abv), an aromatic lower alcohol pale ale.

Brutal Brewing was created in 2011 and the beers were officially launched at Craft Beer Rising 2019. Further beers will be added to the series later this year.

Jane Peyton, beer writer and drinks expert, said: “Brutal Brewing’s A Ship Full of IPA Non-Alcoholic is one of the best non-alcoholic beers on the market. It has great flavour, body and drinks like a beer with alcohol in it. Delicious, satisfying and very moreish.”

Craft beer in the UK continues to thrive. More than 400 craft brewery businesses opened in the UK in the 12 months to December 31, 2017, and craft beer sales are reported to have grown at around 90% in the past year. Craft beer’s market share in the UK still remains much lower than in the US (5% compared to 23%), indicating there could still be room for further growth in the UK.