Bruichladdich is relaunching its Port Charlotte brand in June to give it “the elegant, modernist image it deserves”.

The distiller is introducing new bespoke packaging with a green glass bottle, a heavier closure and a prominent emboss on the back.

The relaunched Port Charlotte range will include Port Charlotte 10, which is its first ever permanent release of this whisky. It will also include Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2011, which is distilled from barley raised on three Islay farms in 2010. It is described as “our second heavily peated uber-provenance release”.

Also in the collection is Port Charlotte MC:01 2009, which is rich and fruity, following Marsala cask maturation, and Port Charlotte MRC:01 2010, which is matured in oak casks from the Bordeaux left bank.

The distiller added that four new spirits will be launched this year; details of these will be announced over the next few weeks.