Broadland Drinks has launched a new “multi-country” brand, with the aim of helping consumers find new and interesting wines without it being time-consuming.

No Ordinary will initially launch with three wines: a Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay from New Zealand (rsp: 8.50), a Merlot from Moldova (rsp: £7) and a Portuguese Rose.

Sauvignon Blanc accounts for more than 95% of New Zealand white wine in the UK, according to Nielsen data, and so the No Ordinary brand “is a great way for consumers to give something else a try from New Zealand”.

It also introduces them to countries such as Moldova, which they might be less familiar with, Broadland said.

Each of the wines is 13.5% abv and they are bottled at Broadland’s winery in Norfolk.

Marketing director, Liz Cobbold, said: “According to research a large group of consumers is adventurous about wine and actively looking for new and different wines to try regularly. Label design is also crucial as it is now playing a much more important role and is recognised as the number one purchase driver among the 34 to 44 year olds who represent No Ordinary’s core target audience.

Cobbold said: “These wines are just the start for this brand as we are looking to add to the range over the next few months so that our consumers can start experimenting as soon as possible.”