Brigitte Bordeaux Wines was the off-trade winner of Wines of Germany’s 31 Days of German Riesling campaign, which ran through July this year.

The Nottingham-based independent wine merchant was the winning off-trade entrant, with Wine Poole, an independent wine shop in Warwick, taking the runner-up spot.

Specialist German importer The Wine Barn in Hampshire was considered by the judges to be the best online merchant. It focused on a direct-to-consumer campaign and offered three different mixed cases of German Riesling alongside a robust digital campaign to increase sales.

Jascots Wine Merchant in second place in the Online Merchant category, having organising three weekly German Riesling masterclasses and a Riesling Blind Tasting Championship online.

In total more than 100 independent wine merchants around the UK celebrated the 31 Days of Riesling campaign, spreading over 60 different UK cities.

A social media influencer campaign increased consumer awareness about participating venues and stores, reaching over four million consumers. Participants reported selling up to six times as much German Riesling in the month of July compared to June and also added on average four new listings.

Participants also shared the benefits of seeing return customers following the campaign. Kat Stead of Brigitte Bordeaux Wines who won in the Off-Trade category shared: “We think we really raised the profile of German Riesling with our customers throughout this campaign. Even in the days since the end of the campaign we have seen return customers coming in to purchase more German Riesling after having tried it for the first time this July!” 

Nicky Forrest, managing director of Wines of Germany UK, said: ‘It was an exciting year to see retailers jumping straight in to celebrate 31 Days of German Riesling and adapt their way of promoting wine in line with what the country was experiencing.

“Also to see restaurants who opened up their doors for the first time in months able to join in and bring some brilliant creativity to the campaign. There was an increased focus on e-commerce and it is clear that online channels will only continue to grow. Thank you to all retailers and on-trade partners who participated this year and more to come in 2021!”