Brighton Gin has launched a Navy Strength variant as consumers continue to seek out new styles and tastes in gin.

The small batch Seaside Strength Navy Gin is the result of 12 months of recipe development and process refinement from the producer.

The variant has four times the amount of juniper and double the amount of fresh orange and lime peel than the original Brighton Gin.

Founder and managing director, Kathy Caton, said: “Our new Seaside Strength Gin is big, bold and a real gin-lover’s gin. With the alcohol at 57% ABV it can hold so much flavour. We have used our classic original Brighton Gin botanicals but riffed with the recipe and the process to create a fantastic sipping gin that also makes a world-class gin and tonic.

“It’s Brighton Gin turned up to 11 and we are delighted to see the reaction from our customers. It is amazing simply over ice with a wheel or lime or opened up with a splash of tonic or soda. It is a bracing walk beside the beach or a glass of cheer at the end of the Pier.

“Juniper is the star attraction but there is a cascade of zesty citrus on the nose with hints of candied orange, a whisper of pine and spice too. It is rich and creamy and deliciously satisfying when swallowed with no hint of burn. The waves of citrus finish go on forever, backed by an exhilarating underlying seaside freshness.”

The newcomer is available in 70cl and 35cl bottles and is said to be best served neat over ice or half and half with tonic and a wheel of lime. Bottles are priced at £47 for 70cl.

Love Drinks’s recently appointed managing director, Samantha Burke, said: “As the gin boom continues, it is great to see more and more consumers experimenting and discovering styles of gin and serves. For gin enthusiasts, this new Seaside Strength Navy Gin is a beauty – jumping with juniper and zesty citrus but retaining a silky smoothness.”

The Brighton Gin brand was created in 2014.