Gerard Michaluk’s war on the “village idiots” of Ayrshire rages on after vandals caused £1,000 worth of damage to the site where he is building the Arran Brewery’s sake brewery.

Michaluk is aiming to bring 30 jobs to the region by creating Scotland’s first sake brewery in Dreghorn, but says the site has suffered more than £60,000 worth of damage after a prolonged campaign of vandalism.

He previously “declared war” on the “antisocial idiots and thieves” and urged locals to “reclaim their village”, but has suffered another setback.

Would-be thieves kicked in a door and smashed up what turned out to be an empty vending machine, causing £1,000 worth of damage.

Michaluk, managing director at the Arran Brewery, said: “These vandals are not the brightest buttons in the box. The CCTV caught the action and they broke into an empty vending machine.”

He branded the vandals “thick as well as stupid”.

Michaluk added: “I do not think it will be long before they are rounded up by the police.  The issue for us is we are planning to invest a not insignificant sum in the area and create thirty jobs these continued incidents of aggressive vandalism really do no favours to the local people and the reputation of the area.

“I refuse to make our five acre site a fortress its completely incompatible with a visitor centre so the vandals need to go and again I am going to be relying on the good people of Dreghorn to help us identify and remove these idiots from our locality.”