The Arran Brewery has “declared war” on the “antisocial idiots and thieves” of North Ayrshire after its new site in Dreghorn was again hit by vandals.

A string of break-ins and burglaries has already cost the company £60,000 as it struggles to create Scotland’s first sake brewery amid the bucolic Ayrshire countryside.

They continue to attack the building and it said “vandals keep breaking windows as fast as Arran’s staff can replace them”.

The brewery’s exasperated managing director Gerald Michaluk has now resorted to issuing a rousing call-to-arms to the locals, urging them to “reclaim their village”.

He said: “I am furious at the waste and cost of this vandalism. We have had a break-in and several windows smashed this week alone, adding to the 139 windows we have started to repair.   

“I refuse to live in high security environment, with barbed wire et cetera – this is going to be a visitor centre and overt security does not go with this type of establishment. We now employ seven staff on the site and continue to recruit but this criminality is putting our investment at risk.   

“For example we cannot get insurance on the site now and these few idiots are putting serious investment and job creation at risk.

“Dreghorn is a beautiful place with a panoramic view of Arran and the surrounding countryside. We have recruited locally some fantastic people and work in repairing and tidying up the site is going well.   

“It is time the good people of Dreghorn take action to reclaim their village from the vandals and thieves. It is time to declare war on these antisocial idiots and thieves and put an end to their reign in Dreghorn. I will be meeting with the local community council to discuss this.”