BrewDog Distilling Co has launched its latest spirit, described as “an innovative botanical rum”.

Five Hundred Cuts, which has been inspired by the life of Elizabeth Blackwell – the 18th Century illustrator of medicinal plants – took six months and 35 recipes to complete.

The rum is distilled from sugar cane molasses fermented for five days using a mixture of red wine and rum yeast. The resulting liquid is double-pot distilled to create a white rum with rich tropical flavours and hints of dark berries.

Taking inspiration from gin distillation, a portion of the white rum is then steeped in tonka beans, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and spices, while the remainder is pot distilled with fresh orange peel, schezuan peppercorn, green cardamom and cloves.

The rum joins Lone Wolf Cloudy Lemon gin and Rogue Wave vodka in BrewDog Distilling’s portfolio. This is the producer’s first dark spirit and it is described as “one of the world’s first botanical rums that bridges the gap between the funk of rum with the botanical kick of gin”.

David Gates, chief executive of BrewDog Distilling Co, said: “We are here to inject more originality into spirits, creating liquid that we absolutely love and have a hell of a lot of fun while doing it.”

Five Hundred Cuts is now available in Asda, priced £24.