Brewdog has launched a beer club that will deliver three new Brewdog beers to subscribers every fortnight.

The new Fanzine beer club costs £11 including delivery and beer fans will have the flexibility to opt in or out without a long-term commitment, according to the brewer.

The exact three beers contained in each release will not be revealed until the delivery date, and the beers will also appear in Brewdog bars. The beers will be brewed in small batches at the brewery’s Ellon headquarters in Aberdeenshire.

Subscribers will be given the opportunity to vote for their favourite Fanzine beers to become part of Brewdog’s permanent line up.

The brewer said subscribers can expect unique twists on East and West Coast IPA’s, bold imperial stouts, fruit-infused saisons, single hop pale ales and various experimental lagers.

James Watt, co-founder, said: “Fanzine is our gift to the passionate beer fans that have supported and spearheaded the craft beer revolution for over a decade. We are rewarding their devotion and inviting those on the sidelines to join the amazing, mind-blowing world of craft beer.

“A beer club like this has never been done before and that is exactly what compelled us to do it. Our brewers are constantly experimenting and pushing beer forward – it is time out fans got a first-hand taste of the fruits of their labour.

“We are looking forward to sharing the future of beer with all those who choose to join. We are excited to receive the feedback and suggestions for new beers. The fun has only just begun.”

The first beers will be shopped to subscribers from April 16.