Brewdog Distilling has created its own version of the popular Japanese drink Shochu, with “a Scottish twist”.

Inugami Scottish Shochu, which is “subtly” laced with galangal root, ginger and Scottish rhubarb, is currently available at Shochu lounge at Roka restaurant until March 27, when it will be available from the distiller and brewer’s website and all UK Brewdog bars.

According to the company it is best served “like they do in the Izakaya bars in Japan, in a highball with sparkling water, loaded with ice”.

Inugami is name after the vengeful dog spirits found in Japanese folklore. Wild Scottish birds are found on the Inugami Shochu bottle keeping the wild dog in check, ready to be “unleashed on a new generation looking for lighter, brighter drinks with a crisp bite”.

Inugami joins LoneWolf gin, Rogue Wave vodka, Five Hundred Cuts botanical rum and Zealot’s Heart gin.

Shochu is described as a “light, delicate drink” that is loved in Japan and relatively unknown outside of Asia. It is distilled (unlike sake, which is fermented) and it can be made from a range of locally available ingredients.

The base flavours range from rice, barley, buckwheat and even sweet potato.

Inugami Scottish Shochu is made from malted wheat, barley and rice with a touch of molasses for fruitiness. It has some subtle flavours of rhubarb, galangal root and ginger to give the drink a more complex flavour.