London-based beer investment company Breal is rebranding as Keystone Brewing Group, as it looks to highlight its commitment to the brewing industry while unifying the producers in its portfolio under the new Keystone name.

Mark Williams, CEO of Keystone Brewing Group, said the rebrand “represents our unwavering commitment to excellence, creativity and progress in the brewing industry”.

He continued: “The ‘keystone’ is a central architectural element that locks an arch into place, which we see as representing the pivotal role that the company plays in the brewing industry. 

“Just as a keystone supports and sustains an arch, Keystone Brewing Group is dedicated to supporting and nurturing both established and emerging brands within its portfolio.” 

The rebrand also signifies the latest move in Keystone’s growth strategy. “The group is poised to continue our legacy of excellence and shape the future of the brewing industry,” said Williams. 

As part of its expansion plans, the company – which owns producers such as Black Sheep and Purity Brewing Co – recently acquired Brick Brewery and Brew by Numbers in London. It has also invested £1 million in Black Sheep’s Masham brewery.