Braxzz has added to its range of alcohol-free craft beers as consumer demand in this sector continues.

The Rebel IPA and Orange IPA will join the company’s Porter and session IPA (released in April this year).

The Rebel IPA is inspired by English IPA’s and is light in colour with a bitter note, while being dry on the aftertaste. The drink also has a malty taste with earthy mineral notes supported by a light scent of flowers, according to the company. The Rebel IPA contains 0.2% alcohol.

The 0.2% abv Orange IPA is inspired by American IPA’s. Again it is light in colour and it is described as having a full-bodied hop profile, without being too bitter on the aftertaste. “You can smell and taste grapefruit, with fresh wheat elements and a herbal top note,” the producer said. 

Director James Leary said: “As a brand we are always looking to improve and expand our range. We have had some great feedback from the market in the UK on our session IPA we launched in April and we have worked hard to make our product even better. We also decided to increase our variety of IPA’s to satisfy the different preferences in the market – we have our Rebel IPA which has a strong bitter note and our Orange IPA, which is less bitter and has a touch of grapefruit. The feedback we have had so far on these has been exceptional.”

Braxzz is set to announce further developments to its craft range over the coming weeks, according to Leary.