Bottlegreen plans to increase turnover from £15 million this year to £25 million by 2017 after teaming up with global brands like Diageo and Bacardi to make cocktails.

The brand’s elderflower cordial has been paired with Gordon’s gin and Grey Goose vodka after the global giants approached Bottlegreen.

Managing director Simon Speers said: “Diageo wanted to create the quintessential English gin and tonic, so it mixed tonic, Gordon’s and elderflower Bottlegreen, which went on display in Morrisons, Asda and Sainsbury’s.

“I would advise independents to put it next to Gordon’s on the shelf.

“Grey Goose and Bottlegreen elderflower fizz is something Grey Goose is pushing in high-end establishments.

“The elderflower flavour is becoming quite sexy. These people are delighted with us and the partnerships will flourish.

“Bottlegreen as a brand is one of the hottest properties in soft drinks. It can only go up and up.

“We were recently bought out by the SHS Group, the owners of WKD, in May 2011, and we have the capacity to treble the size of our operation.

“Turnover this year was £15 million and we are trying to get it to £25 million in five years.”

To help the brand grow, it is pushing its hot Spiced Berry cordial in the build-up to Christmas.

Speers said: “It’s Christmas in a cup. Not all cordials work that well hot, but these really work well.

“It makes a great cordial, and you can also use it to make mulled wine without any hassle – you don’t have to crush nutmegs or cloves or anything like that.

“You just add wine to it, rather than hot water.

“It’s easy to make and it tastes delicious.

“Spiced berry is a phenomenon at this time of year. People keep running out of it.

“It’s also a really nice gift and great at dinner parties for people who aren’t drinking.”

He added: “Independents want a range that’s special. Too often you go into a shop and you are offered Coke or J2O, but there’s so much better out there.

“We are a smaller company but we punch above our weight.

“Diageo and Bacardi have decided we are the best and they want to align their brands with us.

“People are paying a reasonable amount of money for a strong brand and saying nice things about it.

“We are selling 17-18 million bottles per year and that will only increase.”