The Born Wine Digital Awards have been relaunched and are now open for entries from wine writers, photographers and filmmakers.

The awards are run by industry veteran and Vrazon founder Robert McIntosh, and sponsored by Wine in Moderation, a European campaign to promote responsibility in the wine business in a positive way in the EU.

There are six awards: Best Investigative / Journalistic Wine Story; Best Editorial / Opinion Wine Writing; Best Tourism Content with a Focus on Wine; Best Wine Themed Video; Best Wine Photo; and a Responsibility Prize.

The awards are open to anyone that has created content online, and they are targeting anyone writing in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or German.

“As far as I know it’s the only award that takes content in more than one language,” said McIntosh, who stressed that you do not need a blog or a wide body of work to enter.

He added: “We believe that what really matters is the content the audience experience when they are reading or viewing it – not the body of work of that creator. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve written one or 100 posts, or created 199 other videos if this one is the one that makes the difference.

“The awards value great content in six different languages in order to promote the individuals who create it. We want to help creators to better achieve their potential by getting trade and consumer recognition – no matter where the live, work and play. This benefits the wine business around the world by promoting diversity and uniqueness and reaching a greater number of consumers.”

Submissions close on July 7, when a first round of judging will take place. The best entries will be translated and presented to a judging panel, with a shortlist announced in October.

“The judges are established in the wine trade and come from different backgrounds and speak different languages,” said McIntosh.

The winners will be announced in November. First prize is €500, second is €250 and third is €100.

Erika Szymanski, who won the Best Investigative / Journalistic Wine Story prize last year, said: “Success in wine writing can mean many different things. I’m delighted that the community has an award devoted to the writing quality of single articles, delighted all over again to receive it, and hope that we continue to recognize and value the myriad wonderful sides to writing about wine.”