Bordeaux Wine Month will be back this September, as the promotion looks to encourage customers to “discover the breadth of wines” that Bordeaux has to offer. Last year, participating stores are said to have sold an average of 120 extra bottles of Bordeaux wine during the promotional period.

Bordeaux Wine Month is free and participating retailers will receive £200 to support their in-store and online campaigns, which must include a “high-visibility promotion and a minimum of three tastings for at least 60 participants”. 

Those participating will also have a chance to win a trip to Bordeaux, as well a £250 reward for the  “most effective” use of Bordeaux Wine Month’s digital assets.

Andy Cole, managing director of Vinotopia in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, and winner of the Bordeaux Wine Month Best Campaign in 2021, said the promotional month is a “fun campaign”, adding: “People know about the region, but they don’t always appreciate that great white wines are made there, and they maybe forget some of the fantastic dessert wines that are available. The social media support and the customer literature really made a difference too”. 

Retailers can register online before July 31. Chain retailers can sign up each store individually to receive multiple payments and merchandising packs.