Vins de Bordeaux has launched a new international campaign in an effort to highlight those who work in the Bordeaux wine trade as well as the diversity of the region. 

The ‘Join the Bordeaux Crew’ campaign is making its first appearance at a series of trade fairs this February before digital activations roll out in the UK, France, Belgium and the US. The campaign will also feature at The Big Feastival in the Cotswolds this August. 

Developed by winemakers, the campaign will focus on those who work in the Bordeaux wine industry, as well as the region’s terroirs and sustainability initiatives.

“We have evolved, using our differences to meet the requirements of the world today. Bordeaux wines are all about unexpected encounters, exciting conversations and new opportunities,” said the winemakers and merchants behind the campaign.

“We are multi-faceted. We are creative and discerning. We are united as one brand and we are ready to be (re)discovered.”