Bolney Wine Estate has reported a “record year of turnover”, with 2022 seeing an increase in both UK and international sales. 

In its newly-released January business update, the Sussex-based winery noted a 16% increase in turnover in 2022 compared to the previous year. Turnover from hospitality alone saw a 43% increase, while turnover from UK and international trade rose by 8%.

James Davis MW, general manager at Bolney, described 2022 as a “fantastic year”, adding: “Bolney wines are being poured in some of the country’s best bars and restaurants, and we have strong sales in international markets such as Japan and Norway, too. 

“We will continue supporting this growth and success with the innovative new products being developed at Bolney, as well as expanding and improving our hospitality offer.”

The estate is now working to expand its hospitality and retail areas, with the aim to increase visitor capacity by 120%. It is expected that this work will be finished in Spring 2023 to make way for summer events. 

Elsewhere, Dorset’s Langham Wine Estate has also reported an increase in export demand, with Sweden, Norway and Italy leading the charge.