Boadicea Gin has launched a Winter variant to kick-start a new series of seasonal limited editions.

The newcomer, which will be available until January, is produced in limited quantities and distilled using cranberries and winter spice.

‘Winter’ is packaged in a bright red bottle, which is designed to complement the blue bottles of Boadicea Gin Classic. The latter is available all year round.

The Boadicea Gin brand was introduced in June this year and is the creation of husband and wife team, Matt and Steph Brown, the duo who launched Wild Knight Vodka in 2016 and Nelson’s Gold, a caramelised vodka liqueur, in 2017.

The drinks all have close connections with the East Anglia region; Boadicea Gin is distilled with Royal Norfolk barley as its base and the gin is named after East Anglia’s Warrior Queen Boadicea, who is famed for leading the Iceni ancient British tribe and for her uprising against Roman rule in the first century.

Next Spring will see the launch of Boadicea Reborn, described as a “bright, spring-like gin”.

Spirits expert, Dom Roskrow, said: “Does the world really need another gin? It does when it is as stylish as Boadicea. It is lovely sipped neat, with tangy lemon and spice to the fore, and the follow through is as soft as gossamer. If you are adding tonic, make it just a splash.”

The Boadicea variants will be distributed in the UK by Hammonds of Knutsford.