Bill’s Restaurant and Bar has become one of the first high profile UK chains to make the bold step into mindful drinking as interest in this sector in the on and off-trade continues to grow. 

The company has announced it is launching a “Mindful Drinking” section to its menu and this will feature CBD drinks, kombuchas and non-alcoholic cocktails. 

Bill’s said it is working with Naturally Pure Lab, which has created a dissolvable CBD capsule, which Bill’s is utilising in two new CBD lattes: CBD Golden Latte (with turmeric, agave, ginger root, cinnamon, black pepper and coconut milk), and CBD Latte Espresso (which has oat milk and agave). Each is infused with 15mg of whole plant CBD oil. 

CBD in caffeine is becoming a trend because it can potentially help with the “jitters of caffeine”, according to the company. 

Bill’s has also worked with CBD canned drinks company Trip with two flavours in the Mindful Drinking section of the menu. These are Elderflower and Mint Trip and Peach & Ginger Trip. The two companies also worked together to develop a new non-alcoholic cocktail for the menu called Deep Peach, which includes the Peach & Ginger Trip. 

Dan Whiteside, bar development manager at Bill’s, said: “The CBD market is a growing market that Bill’s is proud to be involved with. More people are wanting drinks that can have health benefits and the big talking points at the moment are mental health, wellbeing, and health in general. We have created a range of CBD-infused drinks, which are not only delicious and non-alcoholic, but have health benefits too.”

CBD product turnover is expected to rise from £80 million last year to around £1.4 million by 2023. The FSA requires all CBD products to submit valid novel food applications by March 2021. 

The new menu will also feature drinks from Real Kombucha.