The second annual London Greek Wine festival attracted such crowds that the organisers plan to move next year’s event from October to July, in the hope that summer weather might open up more opportunities for food and wine matching.

Event organiser Theodore Kyriakou, who runs The Greek Larder restaurant, told OLN this year’s event attracted around 3,000 people over two days. “This is how we need to penetrate the market. The beauty of Greek wine is the indigenous grape. It’s not

necessarily better or worse than other wine styles but it’s different and in the past 15 years Greek growers have done enormous work in bringing back all of the original varieties, many of which were almost extinct.”

Independent wine retailers can benefit from the growing interest in fresh and lower- alcohol white wine by adding some Greek wines to the mix, a strategy that can set them apart from the multiples, according to a UK importer of Greek wines.

Steve Daniel, buyer for importer Hallgarten Druitt & Novum Wines, has long been championing Greek wine and said: “Greek whites are really outstanding. The reds are a bit behind in terms of acceptance but the whites do have interesting flavours. They taste more like cool-climate wines, which is in tune with what people are drinking these days.

“Modern Greek wines are never going to be cheap as they are expensive to produce. This excludes them from the multiples and we are happy with that. Independents can make a difference here.”