Bestway Wholesale is trialling a new premium-led drinks concept, which is an enhanced version of its Wine Rack stores, offering premium drinks for take home, food to go, and the option to drink and eat in store.

The first Tippl store has opened its doors in Garforth, Leeds, and the company said that in addition to alcohol it includes a strong food-to-go proposition alongside premium meal solutions.

The stores, which aim to extend the Wine Rack model in high footfall areas, will showcase “an exceptional range” of wines, spirits, ales, craft lagers and mixers. There will also be an on-trade proposition, which will allow customers to enjoy food with drinks inside the store itself.

Tipple will drive further added value to the consumer through a series of strategic partnerships with specialist brands, including barista coffee (from Tchibo Coffee International), freshly baked pastries, stone baked pizzas and loaded nachos (from Country Choice), and an expanded beer range which includes fresh draught ale to take away courtesy of Craftbeer Growlers.

Dawood Pervez, managing director of Bestway Wholesale, said Tippl is a concept that has evolved from analysing localised data across the Wine Rack’ estate.

He said: “As the industry will be very aware, 2020 has been a catalyst for change in consumer buying behaviours and the need for agility in all businesses is evident in order to meet those changes. 

“Wine Rack has been hugely successful as a drinks-led specialist and Tippl is an extension of the Wine Rack format that is building on that success and evolving in line with market trend.  

“The result is a more contemporary offer that focuses on high-traffic areas and upsells on range as a premium-led drinks specialist whilst importantly, offering the consumer more value across a full day’ offer. 

“Consumers will not only be able to pick up their favourite ‘tipple’ but they will be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with some great meal solutions.

“Another key difference with Tippl is the inclusion of an “on trade” proposition – so imagine being in your local Tippl store relaxing with a great wine or beer with some nice deli meats and olives, or premium pizza. We will also be serving Barista Coffee and pastries during the day to create a completely different environment for customers to visit and be able to browse the range. 

“We are continually reviewing our store propositions and this will continue to be an ongoing focus for our business as we adapt fast to changing needs in the market and look to support our retailers and help them make more possible through fresh innovation that leads the market.”

Bestway has confirmed that the Garforth site was selected for the first Tippl store because the demographics around the store provide a premium shopping need for both drinks and food. 

Pervez said: “Service and knowledge are key to this format and our store colleagues have been undertaking additional training to ensure they are able to provide that crucial product knowledge to meet customers’ expectations from this type of store.

“It is a truly exciting and market leading proposition that will see us bring together a great range of drinks, food, and service”.