Kill The Cat is a beer-led hybrid retailer described as a “craft beer bar, kitchen and bottle shop for the curious”.  After opening the new Spitalfields location in late July, Kill The Cat co-owner Phil Curl discusses plans for the latest venture

It’s a much larger site. Compared to our Brick Lane location, which is about 300 square ft, Kill The Cat Spitalfields is about 900 square ft. We’ve kept the similar sort of vibe, but the areas within the premises – such as the bottle shop, the bar, the tasting area – are much more defined.

The aim is to create distinction between the two sites. In terms of range, there’ll only be a minor crossover between Brick Lane and Spitalfields.  Compared to our Brick Lane store, the Spitalfields location also has a wider range of wines and spirits from independent producers to drink in or take away.

We’ve got about 100 different beers on the shelf. There are staple products that are consistent across both sites, but then we’ll have ones that are changing constantly so we’re always on rotation. Spitalfields also has 10 beers on tap, and a regular food menu.

It’s still early days. We’re a hybrid venue so it’s difficult to say what percentage of operations will be off-trade compared to on-trade. A key aspect of the Spitalfields site is the food element which we’ve really invested in. The aim is to have a strong focus on food and beer pairings, geared towards anyone curious about trying new and interesting flavours in food and drink.

Further expansion is definitely on our minds. What we’re hoping to do with the Spitalfields site is to set the model for expanding our presence. If we can get this site rocking, the plan is very much to start thinking about more locations. So far, people have responded really well to Spitalfields site and we’re getting positive reviews so we’re really pleased.