Online retailer Beer Hawk is hiring 30 new staff and increasing storage capacity 10-fold to capitalise on the UK’s burgeoning love of craft beer from around the world.

Mark Roberts and Chris France set up the firm in Harrogate in 2012 and it has grown rapidly in four years: the team is now 30-strong and sources beer from 25 different countries.

It now plans to double its workforce and move to new 12,000 sq ft premises in Wetherby so it can increase its range of beers to more than 1,000.

Roberts said: “We have been aware for some time that our business ambitions and customer demands were always going to outstrip the facility in Harrogate that is currently Beer Hawk’s home.

“Overnight this move to new warehousing will give us the capability to increase our output approximately fivefold and allow us to experiment with new packaging innovations.

“Our exciting offers and the creative way we present our eclectic beer collections are part of the reason people have such an affinity with Beer Hawk.

“Making these types of business decision has been part of the engine room of our success and we are looking forward to the dynamic step forward for Beer Hawk this represents with great anticipation.”

It cherry picks beers from established names like Brewdog, Chimay and Goose Island, as well as some of the world’s most obscure breweries.

It originally started as a retail business targeting consumers, but a wholesale arm catering to independent retailers, who can “pick and mix” beers without a minimum quantity of each beer bought, has now been launched.