Hop supplier BarthHaas X has launched a new ecommerce shop which will allow UK breweries to purchase hops, malt and yeast directly from producers, rather than through a third party.

Established in partnership with Muntons Malt and WHC Labs to help breweries streamline their operations, the online store will offer next day delivery with various volume options to prevent the need for over-ordering. 

By simplifying the supply purchasing process, the BarthHaas X team hopes the new ecommerce shop will support producers – in particular, smaller independent breweries – during the cost of living crisis. 

John Willetts, director of BarthHaas X, said: “We believe that by providing direct access to top suppliers, we can help small breweries grow and thrive, and we are excited to be a part of that journey.

“So many breweries have to buy through third parties rather than direct from the producers like ourselves, and this causes additional costs that small businesses, in particular, can barely support, so we wanted to produce a way for everyone to be able to have direct access to the best producers in the marketplace.”