Bargain Booze and Wine Rack boss Diana Hunter claims off-licences have become too “formulaic” but remains confident the sector can attract backing from the City for the right proposition.

Hunter said her company, Conviviality Retail, was bucking the trend and promised to introduce “stunning” promotions and a new Bargain Booze App in the coming months.

She told OLN: “There’s not enough innovation in off- licences – they’ve become quite formulaic. But we have a very creative team and they are always thinking about what else can be done.

“That’s not just for our customer base but also for our franchisees, who always want something new.

“We are at the foothills of launching the Bargain Booze App, which will enable us to send promotions direct for people to redeem in store.

“Some of the promotions will be stunning. It will also help us understand how our customers are shopping like never before.”

She added that the City would still back retailers who had a clear offering.

She said: “The investors we have now remain the ones we had when we floated. They understand our strategy and we make sure they know where we are and that we are on plan. We still have work to do and it’s hugely competitive out there, so we aren’t complacent.”

She added: “You have to get it right and know what your customers want. They want choice and they also want convenience. Supermarkets have a lot of strengths, but customers also want convenience. And it’s all about location.

“I’m really pleased with Wine Rack. But I am always happy to walk away if we don’t get the right site. I don’t want to get romanced by store numbers.”