Balfour Winery has reported a lift in 2023 sales, as the producer looks ahead to a “new period of maturity” for the English wine sector. 

The Kent-based wine producer, which is privately owned, said it saw a 16% increase in overall sales compared to the previous year, as well as a 20% rise in visitor numbers. 

Adam Williams, Balfour’s chief operations officer, said: “2023 was a hugely exciting year for us at Balfour. Not only did we see welcome growth in our wine sales, but we also saw more people than ever visit our home.” 

Williams predicted that 2024 will see a “new period of maturity” in the English wine category as domestic and international interest grows.

While sparkling wine has traditionally dominated the English wine landscape, Williams suggested that 2024 could see still wines gain traction in the market.

“At Balfour, we believe there’s a great future for still English wines – and we’re extremely excited about the launch of a new Albarino in particular.”

He continued: “We’ve also secured a fantastic new export listing in Norway for our Skye’s Chardonnay, and continue to see strong interest in our iconic Vintage Sparkling wines, including the new vintage of our Balfour Brut Rosé. 

“It is increasingly clear there is a need for English wineries to have multiple sales channels, with a range that has both depth and breadth. As a winery, and industry, we feel that is key for us to compete and grow – and we’re excited to see how that continues to evolve in 2024 and beyond.”

Last year, Balfour reported a “record breaking” harvest.