Laurent and Catherine Delaunay, founders and owners of Badet Clément, have unveiled a new name for their business – Delaunay Vins & Domaines.

At the same time, they announced that their daughter Jeanne, the sixth generation of Delaunay winemakers from Burgundy, will work alongside them as the company’s third family winemaker. She will head up their Languedoc brand, Abbotts & Delaunay.

The family regained the right to use the Delaunay name after they bought back Burgundy property Edouard Delaunay, in 2017.

“In Delaunay Vins & Domaines we at last have a name which not only coherently reflects the image of all our brands, our wines and our domaines, but also legitimately combines our joint and quite rare identity as both Languedociens and Burgundians which is very important to us,” said Laurent. “With the arrival into the business of our daughter Jeanne, we have not only renamed but also restructured the company to focus on our three core brands; Les Jamelles and Abbotts & Delaunay from the Languedoc and Edouard Delaunay in Burgundy, with each one now headed up by a family winemaker member, Catherine, Jeanne and myself respectively.”

As the new face of Abbotts & Delaunay, Jeanne Delaunay will be involved not only in the vinification of the wines but also in the brand’s strategic approach and marketing, the company said.

She will also be working on the Delaunay Vins & Domaines CSR policy.

Delaunay Vins & Domaines reported a turnover of €64 million for full-year 2022, selling 15 million bottles, with exports going to around 55 countries.