Australian wine exports to the UK have decreased 4% in volume and 3% in value to $373 million over the past year.

Off-trade Australian wine sales are up 1% to £1.2 billion in the UK (IRI, year to March 2019), but Wine Australia also attributed the decline to some of the larger brands having wrapped up their strategies of getting additional product into market pre-Brexit to mitigate any disruption to exports.

Its export figures cover the year to June 2019.

Chief executive Andreas Clark said: “It’s important to retain perspective on the UK market. Research by IRI shows Australia was ranked number 1 in still wine off trade [retail] sales in the 12 months ended March 2019, with a market share of 24 per cent in volume and 23 per cent in value.”

Pinot Noir exports to the UK increased by 34% over the past year, Tempranillo was up 101%, Montepulciano grew 73% and Fiano was up 39%.

Overall the value of Australian wine exports grew in the 12 months to June 2019, increasing by 4% in value to $2.86 billion. China and the USA drove that growth.

“The turnaround in exports to the USA, which grew by 2% in value to $432 million, is pleasing,” said Clark. “Average value increasing 6% to $2.83 per litre, the first growth in 2 years, rewards the efforts of the many exporters who are working actively in that market to change perceptions about Australian wines and communicate about the diversity and excellence of Australia’s offering.