British spirits brand Au Vodka is set to work with ecommerce fulfilment platform Huboo as it looks to tap into the direct-to-consumer market. 

Claire Gates, chief commercial officer of Huboo, said that historically, alcohol brands “have been surprisingly late to embrace direct-to-consumer ecommerce,” despite the rise in home consumption following the pandemic. 

As part of the deal between Huboo and Au Vodka, Huboo will pack and deliver items on behalf of Au.

Jordan Major, head of ecommerce at Au, said the partnership will help to expand the brand’s ecommerce operations as owners look to maximise direct-to-consumer output.

“Initially, we were trying to cope with the fulfilment load in-house, but we found ourselves limited by what we could offer and it was becoming difficult to keep our customers happy. 

“With Huboo’s help, we can switch off from day-to-day logistics…Our model makes it much easier to expand our product lines and reach, learning from a wealth of digital customer data to drive future product innovation, safe in the knowledge that whatever we come up with next, Huboo will be able to fulfil it.”