Aston Manor has announced it is launching Sol Duc, a trio of low-calorie, alcoholic hard seltzers.

Sol Duc is Aston Manor’s first foray into the hard seltzer market and is part of its ongoing investment into new production capabilities and resources.

The range, which will be available in three flavours – Strawberry & Lime, Raspberry & Rose and Rhubarb & Ginger – will combine sparkling water, a dash of pure vodka and natural fruit flavours.

The 33cl cans will be available from September 25 and each will contain just 95 calories, no added sugar, sweetener, or colours, and will be suitable for anyone following a gluten-free or vegan diet. 

Calli O’Brien, marketing controller at Aston Manor said: “Consumers more than ever are seeking balanced options to support their lifestyle, but with this, the expectation for full flavour and no compromise still stands. They want transparency and honesty in their products, with great taste to boot. We’ve achieved this with Sol Duc and can’t wait to see the consumer reaction when it launches. 

“Sol Duc is all about purity and transparency; in contrast to the fermented alcohol bases seen in some other hard seltzers. Sol Duc is simply sparkling water, a dash of vodka and natural flavouring. Why make it any more complicated than that? We also wanted to be playful with flavour.

“Our dual flavours are designed to provide an initial flavour hit, followed by a lingering intensity, to spark interest and give something to discover and enjoy. This is not another ‘citrus’ flavour. Our consumers are curious, and we wanted to play up to that!

“We are well-placed to diversify our product range, especially with a hard seltzer. Through our transatlantic relationship with the Seattle Cider Company, which is based in Washington, we have gained invaluable insight and understanding of the hard seltzer category following its phenomenal success in the US. With Sol Duc we’re aiming to emulate that success in the UK.”

Sol Duc will be available from 25 September at a recommended retail price of £2 per can.