Asda is about to stock an orange wine, just months after Aldi announced it taken on its first orange variant.

Asda’s Orange Natural Wine hails from the largest winery in Romania, Cramele Recas, and it will be available in the UK from June, priced at £6 per bottle.

The wine is made using local, organic varieties of Feteasca Alba, Tamaioasa Romaneasca, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. It has flavours of quince, pear, a touch of vanilla, and “discreet stone fruit flavours”, with a powerful tannin structure, according to the producer.

The orange colour is made by leaving antioxidant-rich white grape skins in contact with the juice for three and a half weeks at low temperatures. The result is a wine with fruity notes and an “elegantly structured body”. It is also vegan.

Aldi announced last September that it would stock its first orange wine, also priced at £6, but the retailer only acquired 12,500 bottles.

At the time, independent wine merchants, particularly those that specialise in natural wines, expressed some concern about this style of wine bring sold at such a low price point.

Charlie Brown, co-owner of Vino Vero in Essex, told DRN: “Aldi is selling its orange wine basically at cost price, which can be really damaging for independent retailers. Consumers see an orange wine at £6 and then they see one in our shop at £15 to £23 and think we are taking too much margin and the wine isn’t competitively priced. They don’t always realise there will be a difference in quality between, say, our orange wine and the one in Aldi.

She added: “We have noticed an increase in popularity over the past 18 months since they have been getting more media coverage. Most people don’t know what they are but many ask, which shows an interest in the category.

“They are definitely an acquired taste but many things that are an acquired taste have the opportunity to become mainstream.”