Asda has slashed the price of Mumm Champagne by a third in case anyone decides to celebrate an engagement on February 29.

Tradition dictates that women often propose to their male partners on February 29, which occurs every four years to help synchronize the calendar year with the solar year.

We are now in a leap year and Asda has marked the occasion by reducing Mumm Champagne from £33 to £22. The bubbly is also a popular purchase ahead of Mother’s Day, which takes place on March 22, so shoppers could stock up in advance.

Sean Aitken, Buying Wine Manager said: “At Asda, we love any excuse to celebrate – an engagement, an extra day of the year or a just Saturday evening.

“By reducing our Mumm Champagne from £33 to £22, our customers don’t need to compromise on price, quality or value, no matter what they’re commemorating.”