Japanese brewer Asahi is launching Super Dry Black, a dark lager brand into the UK market.

Super Dry Black is an extension of the Asahi Super Dry brand, which is Japan’s most popular lager.

The new variant uses roasted malt to achieve a deeper flavour, despite using the same yeast as Super Dry. However, it retains the lightness of the original.

Asahi Super Dry Black will be imported from Japan and has an ABV of 5.5%.

Samantha Catford, Asahi UK brand manager, said: “Super Dry Black offers a real point of difference in the UK.  It will appeal to beer drinkers who appreciate a continental dark lager style: soft and elegant, with a rich, mildly-vanilla, nutty-sweet palate, and a dry, rounded finish that is never harsh or acrid.  

“The challenge for UK consumers, who are accustomed to full-bodied dark ales, will be to discover its surprisingly light, refreshing taste.”

Asahi Super Dry will be available from December in 24 x 334ml-bottle SKUs.

It is also available in the on-trade from Burger & Lobster, Bone Daddies, M Restaurants, Sushi Samba, The Koh Group, Wagamama’s, and YO! Sushi. 

Asahi is the largest of the four main Japanese breweries, with a 38% market share in 2014.

The company has been exploring premium iterations of its leading brand for a number of years, launching Extra Cold in 2010 and Super Dry Premium in 2013.