Aldi is launching eleven new spirits in time for the summer.

The retailer has a number of candy shop-inspired drinks under its Infusionist Gin Liqueurs collection, including Lemon Sherbet (£9.99), Rhubarb & Custard (£9.99), Strawberry & Marshmallow (£9.99) and Passionfruit & Orange (£9.99).

Other newcomers include three new flavours of Aldi’s botanical gin brand Haysmith’s: Pink Grapefruit & Orange (£15.99), Raspberry & Thyme (£15.99) and Strawberry & Peppercorn (£15.99).

Aldi is also ready to help its customers create “more adventurous but hassle-free cocktails”, with its new range of cocktail ingredients, including Tamarova Infusions Cloudy Apple Vodka (£12.99), which it said is perfect for sprucing up an Appletini; and Aldi’s Crossbones Tropical Pineapple Dark Rum (£14.99), which can make a rum punch. It also has Barista Brothers Coffee Liqueur (£7.99) for shoppers who like a classic espresso martini.

Aldi also recently introduced its first alcohol-free spirit, Kvist Rosa Distilled Non-Alcoholic Spirit (£9.99).