Aldi is launching an ice cava, which it hopes will be “the drink of the summer” after winemakers across Europe fuelled the trend for chilled bubbly.

It noted that while Moet & Chandon’s Ice Imperial Champagne sells for up to £59.99, Aldi shoppers can pick up the Jaume Serra Ice Cava for just £6.99.

The drink is said to be best enjoyed in a large glass with a generous helping of ice. The semi-seco Cava is slightly sweeter and richer than others, and it has an intense fruity bouquet and fine bubbles, according to Aldi, which means it can stand up to the addition of ice.

Aldi’s wine expert, Sam Caporn MW, said: “This fun and fresh fizz is a fantastic addition to any al fresco dining experience. Whether you choose to serve it in a traditional flute, wine or balloon glass, be generous with the ice cubes – don’t forget to add a handful of fresh berries and some sprigs of mint to garnish too. Or for those who want to make their glass even more Instagram-able, add fresh strawberry slices or raspberries to ice cube holders before freezing for a sleek aesthetic.”

Aldi’s Jaume Serra Ice Cava is available in stores and online from July 13.