Alcohol sales saw a significant boost in February following a month of moderation, the latest data from Kantar has revealed.

In the four weeks ending February 18, alcohol volume sales rose by 18% compared with the previous month, where many consumers reduced their spending on alcohol in light of Dry January.

The wine category saw particularly strong sales, with consumers buying 28% more wine compared to January, including eight million more bottles of red wine. Beer and lager also saw a considerable sales boost of 16% compared to January.

Elsewhere, Kantar researchers found overall grocery price inflation fell to 5.3% in February, marking the lowest rate since March 2022 and a 1.5% decrease from January. 

Tom Steel, strategic insight director at Kantar, said: “Things are looking up for shoppers this February.  Consumers have been navigating a grocery inflation rate of more than 4% for two years now, so this latest easing of price rises is especially welcome.”

Steel also noted a rise in spending on both promotional and own-label items as financially conscious consumers seek out good value options: “More generally, we saw promotions accelerate this month after a post-Christmas slowdown. 

“The battle between supermarkets’ own-label lines and brands also remains fierce. Own-label nipped ahead this month, growing sales by 5.5% versus branded products at 5.3%.”