Adnams has teamed up with Cornwall’s Harbour Brewing for the second beer in its 2021 collaboration brew series.

Adnams described the Break Point beer as a “farmhouse pale ale, with big waves of tropical fruit”.

It is fermented with a Norwegian kveik yeast strain – known for generating fruity flavours and aromas – Citra hops, and locally-sourced malted barley and rye.

Head brewer Fergus Fitzgerald said: “I’ve known Eddie Lofthouse, the founder of Harbour, since 2015 and immediately fell in love with the brewery’s connection to its local environment and commitment to working with what nature has supplied it.

“At Adnams, we share that sense of place, and our coastal locations clearly influence our outlook.

“We really enjoyed collaborating with Harbour head brewer Genevieve Upton to design Break Point.

“This was our first time working with a kveik yeast strain. It produced lovely, crisp, tropical fruit flavours which are really going to lend themselves to summer drinking.”

With the launch of 4.8% abv Break Point, Adnams is committing to the removal of plastic from all future 12-pack collaboration brew cases. All new Adnams products from now on will come in cardboard cartons rather than shrinkwrapped outer trays.