Adnams, the Suffolk-based brewery and distillery, has launched a small batch and hand-crafted gin, Jardín Mexicano, to bring the flavours of Mexico to gin-lovers across the UK.

This limited-edition seasonal gin includes a rare ingredient to the UK, Avocado leaf, traditionally used in Mexico for its antioxidant and mood enhancing properties in tea.

Avocado leaf brings subtle notes of anise and liquorice which blend with a mix of classic and Mexican-inspired botanicals including epazote, smoky chipotle chili, lime peel, Mexican oregano and coriander.

The small batch gin (rsp: £31.99), which is described as “fresh and zesty” is available online and in Adnams stores from April 29 for a limited time only.

John McCarthy, Head Distiller at Adnams, said: “I first discovered Avocado leaf on a trip to Mexico where it was the secret ingredient in a plate of black beans. I was blown away by its delicate anise quality which paired so beautifully with classic Mexican flavours of lime, chili and coriander and was determined to recreate this in gin form! Whilst the UK is no stranger to avocado, I am excited to make avocado leaf the star of the show in Jardín Mexicano. It’s produced a really vibrant, complex but most importantly delicious gin that can be enjoyed all summer long.”