The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) has rolled out a fresh campaign for Challenge 25, as it looks to support retailers and boost awareness among consumers.

The policy, which is intended to prevent under-age sales, urges retailers to check for proof of age for anyone that might look 25 or under.

ACS chief executive James Lowman said: “Local shops have a fantastic track record of preventing under-age sales and promoting responsible retailing, but much of the focus on this activity is often on alcohol.

“Through this campaign, we’re working with retailers to highlight the importance of a robust Challenge 25 policy that empowers colleagues and is consistently applied for all age-restricted products.

“We know from our Crime Report that enforcing the law on age-restricted sales is one of the biggest triggers of abuse in stores, so it’s essential that we provide as much support to colleagues as possible by reducing the risk of confrontation. We can take steps toward this by boosting the understanding and application of Challenge 25 among consumers and retailers alike.”

As part of the campaign, ACS is working with the Retail of Alcohol Standards Group to provide a range of new materials which remind customers that they’re likely to be asked for proof of age if they look under 25 and are purchasing various age-restricted products.

The new materials include posters, shelf-edge labels and online assets on alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, fireworks and lottery. All materials are available to download here