London-based artisan spirits distillery, 58 Gin, has launched what it claims is the first gin-based hard seltzer in the UK.

58 Gin Hard Seltzer, which is available in raspberry and pink grapefruit flavours, is intended to sit as a premium offer in the category. The drink is made using a vegan, no sugar, all-natural recipe to appeal to health-conscious millennials. Each 25cl slimline can is less than 67 calories with an abv of 4% and a recommended price of £2.20 per can.

The new drink is made using the alcohol cut from the heart (the purest and most premium part) of 58 London Dry Gin. This is mixed with natural fruit flavours and sparkling water, which is run through reverse osmosis, decribed as “a process of extreme filtering to enhance purity and taste”.

The hard seltzer’s fully recyclable cans are expected to appeal to people wanting to socialise outdoors during the summer.

Carmen O’Neal, managing director, 58 Gin said: “Hard seltzers are a fast-growing category and it is a space that will become very competitive, very quickly. We wanted to do something different from the start, which will appeal to consumers, and using gin as a base for our hard seltzer does exactly this.

“The ‘cut from the heart’ of the gin gives the hard seltzer a smoother and lighter taste than the more commonly used grain spirits and fortified wines. This creates a more premium finish, and given the vast popularity of gin, it seemed a natural next step for us to take a spirit we know so well and use it in the next big consumer drinks trend of hard seltzers.

“We are a small, artisan distillery and in every respect, we produce gin from the heart – from literally using only heart-cut alcohol, to the care we pour into the research, development and sustainable production of our products.”

58 Gin has an existing portfolio of four gins and one vodka and runs a 58 Gin School.