A distiller that set up an independent bottle shop and bar to help boost sales of its gin has opened a second outlet as it proved so popular with locals. 

The 45 West outlet was set up in Leicester city centre in December 2015 by 45 West Distillers, which is now opening 45 St Martins. A third venue is already in the pipeline. 

The 45 West bar and shop hybrid focuses predominantly on spirits and cocktails, supported by a selection of craft beers and premium wines.

The only gin served at the bar is the company’s Burleighs, but other gins are on take-home sale. 

Co-founder Phil Burley said 45 West “is by far the busiest bar in Leicester in terms of occupied space, and it is the busiest in retail for premium spirits and wines”. 

He added: “Its popularity helped boost the profile of our Burleighs gin brand but it also identified the fact that Leicester was lacking that type of bar and the city needed somewhere for aspirational and successful individuals. It attracts people aged from their mid-20s up to their 70s.”

The second store, 45 St Martins, opened three weeks ago just across the road from the first. It concentrates on premium wines and Champagnes, with prices ranging from £8.95-£500. 

Burley said: “In order to engage with customers and to make those wines accessible to everyone, we had to install an Enomatic machine to allow those expensive wines to be drunk by the glass. I can’t believe there is anyone who would buy a £500 bottle of wine without trying it first.”

The venue is predominantly a wine shop by day and a bar by night. Unlike the first store it offers a range of food options. 

Burley added: “We identified that when people go out for an evening here they want to try two or three places, and my fear was that other bars are quite far away. I wanted to create a golden triangle here. 

“We are now in the process of setting up another concept in the area to solidify the triangle. 

“Of the two stores one is more about wine and the other is more about spirits, but we want to be like an old-fashioned shopkeeper so if someone asks about a particular brand we can nip out to the other store to get it if needed.”