Meantime Brewing’s new head has outlined ambitions to treble its production as part of a £3 million investment in its London site.

Nick Miller, who joined the Greenwich-based company from Miller Brands last year, said the “state-of-the-art” brewery refurbishment was the largest investment in a London brewery since 1938.

Miller hopes the changes will enable the brewer to increase its distribution and focus on bringing lesser-known styles of beer to the market.

He said: “The market has just become only lager, ale and stout. We brew 28 different types of beer. But as an industry we haven’t been good at educating the consumer. 

‘We want to change the way people think about beer. We are not about a homogenous, mass-produced product. Instead we are taking old styles and making  them much better, and we’re doing it in London which used to be the brewing capital. 

“We started discussing the brewery in December 2010, because we had run out of maturation and fermenting vessels. So we will now have a much more balanced production facility and we will be able to produce 100,000 cases from May, compared to 30,000.”

 He added that retailers needed to give more prominence to British craft beers, which could see the same success as the US craft beer explosion.

“Supermarkets need to wake up to the fact that there is a new category emerging in craft beer. To an extent, it’s our fault as a trade that we haven’t properly explained it. In the US, craft beer could be up to 20% of the market by 2020. In the UK, there is a huge opportunity to grow price points, like other categories have done, such as coffee.”