Convenience format takes off in charts

18 April, 2008

First we had Cornershop, an Asian band who, for a time, had the nation tapping its feet to the catchy Brimful of Asha. Now, we're delighted to report, a group called Offlicence have released their debut album, Desilution, with contributions from Apache Indian.

According to OLN's music editor, the single from the new CD, Indian Ting, is a "definite car banger" and reviewers are enthusiastically describing the album as "sick". A pparently th is is a good thing.

Jancis + Robert 2getha 4eva

Ever wondered what Jancis Robinson and Robert Parker would do

if their paths

crossed? Bash each other

over the head with

bottles of Château Pavie 2003, which Robinson described as "a ridiculous wine" while

Parker gave it 95+? The answer is, to be frank, a bit disappointing.

The pair ran into each other at breakfast at a modest Bordeaux hotel and were all smiles and hugs, according to Jancis's account on her Purple Pages website. "We kissed hallo, exchanged news and then, when we eventually kissed goodbye, I said I wished someone could record the moment to try to quell the silliness about our supposed antagonism."

And so it came to pass that a photograph of the pair of them appeared on the internet. "Not the most glamorous image in the world," says Jancis, "but to me one of the most heart

warming." Ahh!

Bargain of the year

OLN would like to be among the first to condemn


antisocial behaviour-inducing sort of deep discounting shown in this image ( right). How

are suppliers, independents and

other chains supposed to survive if retailers like Sainsbury's are slashing prices on Peeterman Artois from £3.79 to a ridiculous ... er ... £3.79?

Think red, see blood

OLN decided to commission some research into what teenagers made of the decision to remove the hedgehog and hippo characters

from the Think Red, Think Côtes du Rhône cartoon ads.

Unfortunately the kids we chose were

busy downloading porn, hotwiring Peugeot 206s and embarking on senseless killing sprees in Mortal Combat. So they weren't able to confirm whether the drawings really did induce them to experiment with French wine.

Put a smile on yer boat race

No, the young people in th e picture (left) aren't

wild-eyed ASBOs downing alcopops and getting ready to brain someone with the empty bottles - this is the cream of Oxford's rowing talent celebrating with no less than GH Mumm Champagne after winning the Boat Race on Easter weekend. It was the dark blues' third victory in five years. OLN doesn't like to stick its oar in, but if more youngsters could be coaxed into sporting activities

such as rowing rather than dipping into the booze and rowing, drinks retailers would have an easier time of it. There, we've said it.

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