Laithwaites supports Chilean producers

Laithwaites Wine has said it will donate 5% of sales on all Chilean wines during March to the Chilean Embassy earthquake appeal.

The aim is to raise funds to help the country rebuild its shattered infrastructure following the 8.8 earthquake at the end of February, as well as supporting long-standing colleagues and friends in Chile’s wine industry.

Tony Laithwaite said: “Several of our Chilean wine producers – really good friends who we’ve been working with for years – have been hit hard by the recent earthquake. We’ve managed to contact most of them this week and they’ve told us that the damage to the wineries is, on the whole, not too severe. But with so much precious wine lost, many are concerned that trade might drop away with customers hanging back.”

Laithwaite said he wanted to support “our producers, their families and the families of their employees at this difficult time” by encouraging customers to choose Chilean wines when they make their normal orders this month.

“We’re really saying to people – you might be buying wine anyway now, so why not make it Chilean and give much-needed help at the same time,” he added.