Drinkaware backs Scottish schools project

The alcohol awareness charity Drinkaware is to provide funding for the Jump2it programme, which promotes health education through sport in Scottish primary schools.

Jump2it is run by Scottish Sports Futures and delivers health education to 10-12-year-olds.

The Drinkaware backing will support an alcohol-focused interactive basketball board game and DVD.

The game provides information on alcohol and its effects and aims to help children make positive lifestyle decisions.

The initiative has been launched in 20 schools in high-deprivation areas of Glasgow and is expected be rolled out to the rest of Scotland later in the year.

The funding is in the form of a Drinkaware Big Impact Award, designed to support larger projects with a national influence.

Drinkaware chief executive Chris Sorek said: “Finding new and innovative ways to reach young people with alcohol-related messages and education can be difficult.

“But this initiative has already demonstrated it can make a difference, both with individuals and the wider community.

“It’s imperative we all work together to help children and young people form a responsible attitude to alcohol.”