Love Drinks adds Icelandic craft beer trio

Love Drinks has added three beers from Iceland’s Einstök brewery to its portfolio of drinks.

The three beers – a Toasted Porter, Doppelbock Winter Ale and Wee Heavy, a special scotch ale made with birch smoked barley – join the brewery’s White Ale and Pale Ale in Love Drinks’ collection.

The Einstök brewery uses the pure water from the glaciers of the Hlíðarfjall mountain and through ancient lava fields.

The brewery has been dominating market share in its homeland and is available in another 22 countries globally since its launch.  The beers, which are available in 22 countries, now account around 80% of Iceland’s beer exports.

The Einstök beers are exclusively imported by Love Drinks. Marketing manager, Ellie Jones said: “For a country with a population approximately the same size of Bradford, Iceland has built a reputation for punching well above its weight. Think Vikings, renewable energy, a football team who spectacularly dumped England out of the Euros in 2016 and the Einstök brewery, who have been creating waves in the global beer market and conquering taste buds since 2010.

“In true Viking fashion the Einstök beers have made a big impression since landing in the UK so we’re delighted to extend the range with these three sensory-rich craft beers and expect them to see strong interest from the UK’s adventurous and discerning beer drinker.”

The three newcomers include the 6.7% abv Einstök Icelandic Doppelbock, which is described as a winter celebration ale. It is made using malted barley and it is described as offering “classic chocolate tones that define traditional style”.

Also in the mix is the 6% abv Icelandic Toasted Porter, which is said to have “big notes of toffee and dark chocolate” and it is roasty and rich, offering “a medium body that is robust, yet smooth on the palate”.

And completing the trio is Icelandic Wee Heavy, an 8% abv beer that takes inspiration from the Viking’s history in Scotland. The Icelandic Scotch Ale is made with locally farmed and smoked barley and spiced with native Icelandic angelica – a fabled herb ancient Vikings used as currency. It has a rich colour, creamy head, a sweet malt aroma and a hint of the smokiness delivered by the birch.

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